August 7, 2015

New Significant Painting near completion

The Presence III (Shown fragment of painting)

Museum Audience, Photorealism, Painting, Contemporary Art

July 13, 2015

New Museum Paintings - Largest new work of the series in progress

The Audience. Italian Paintings Gallery at the Met, in progress.

Museum Audience, Photorealism, Painting, Contemporary Art

June 23, 2015

Upcoming Exhibition "Emerging to Established - Year 3" with Krause Gallery, LES, NYC - July 18, 2015

Please visit for further information. 149 Orchard St South, NY, NY 10002

March 31, 2015

Neo Expressionist Study - Mr. War

Syria, Ukraine, now Yemen. It's 21 century, age of war. again? Will humanity ever change? Paint it black

Neo Expressionist Painting, Figurative, Contemporary Art

March 22, 2015

Photorealist Portrait completed and New Projects

Finished portrait of my Aunt started in 2013. Was working on hair and fur. Some improvements is obvious. Made this as a training before starting new photo-based paintings. Large series of 10 canvases. Also will be working on "Black Pope" for summer exhibition.

Photorealist Portrait Painting, Contemporary Art

March 18, 2015

Black Heads

Painting 12 "Black Portraits" - series based on very abstract interpretation of Francisco Goya's "Charles IV of Spain and His Family". Completed "Carlota" and "Prince". They suppose to dry by next week. It has something of Malevich and Mondrian mixed with Picasso and Bacon. But indeed, non of them did anything like it.

Deconstructivism, Portrait, Contemporary Art, New York

March 8, 2015

Private Collection Visit / The Armory Show

Got to love New York. Visited Horts Family collection in Tribeca. Just across the street from Behr-Thyssen, place where i had first solo exhibition. Horts amassed collection of almost 3500 artworks from emerging artists. They also run foundation fighting cancer and helping emerging artists.

March 4, 2015

The Armory Show

Armory Show. This year's edition was nothing really new (How surprises possible at all in internet era), but most of artists were bearing new names. Chuck Close woodblock print at 50K USD at Pace was shockingly expensive from my point of view. The rest could be found on instagram feeds #ArmoryShow2015

February 27, 2015

The King of Roulette

Completed "King of Roulette" for gallery show this summer.

February, 2015

On Kawara / Guggenheim

Saw On Kawara at Guggenheim. Beside his famous date paintings (it was plenty on view) he did interesting series, the one i liked the most titled "I met". In this work artist for two decades recorded names of all people whom he would meet daily. There were plenty of artists and gallerists among them (Not surprisingly), Sol Levitt for example.

January, 2015

Art Acquisition

Ok, I had one artist in my personal possession before, but here is another one - 2 lithos by Mihail Chemiakin. His life wasn't something rosy you want to try yourself - beside some sort of official recognition in latest years, and even medal from the Russian State, his early life was spent on different jobs and in psychiatric units, before he was expelled from USSR. So i traded lithos for paintings with Mimi Ferzt Gallery.

January, 2015

Summer Exhibition

Got an e-mail from Krause Gallery asking for a one - two paintings for summer show in LES. Will work this out.

January, 2015

New Projects

Started to rework entire contents of my website. Old works could be just made better. Why to make something new while you could seek more depth in old stuff. Vermeer made just around 20 paintings, but what quality...




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