Christopher Wool at Guggenheim

Word pieces are among most recognizable and interesting works produced by the artist.  Other works are less interesting. Some recall New York subway graffiti mixed with Andy Warhol, but not much style here. Photographs empty and mostly ordinary and one may wonder why they included in show at all. I remember seeing Picasso and Spanish exhibitions in same building, the Wool exhibit looks dull and empty in comparison. Just too big building and just a Read More →

Richard Serra – New Sculpture – Gagosian Gallery

I was thinking should i put note on this one… Works is large, scary (You walk with a feeling of danger around, some sculptures look just not stable enough) form is primary but beautiful, material is complex – so why not to call this one of the best shows? The reason i won’t call it is simple – seen this before. Serra does not evolve he just turning sculpture after sculpture like BMW production plant Read More →

Ad Reinhardt – David Zwirner Gallery

While most New York critics probably praised dazzling and populist work by Yayoi Kusama exhibited in the same time at Zwirner there was no lines to see Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings.  There was Robert Storr signing copies of books as well. Not much interest. But i liked overall impression of the show.  Minimal, subtle, inspiring works. Always liked black paint, there is nothing like it, it is a queen of all paints. Contrary, Kusama’s canvases Read More →

Vietnam: the real war – Steven Kasher Gallery

There was an excellent historical photo exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery titled Vietnam, the real war – a photographic history from the associated press. Many impressive photographs from battlefield. While it’s closed on November 30, 2013 you still can look at works at the gallery website.

Raqib Shaw – Paradise Lost – at Pace Gallery

Ambitious exhibition by Kashmiri-born London Artist Raqib Shaw. Exhibition occupies 3 Pace venues. Works are mainly depictions of anthropomorphic beasts (inspired by Indian miniature and mythology) populating classical ruins. Raqib Shaw had numerous exhibitions worldwide and a quite commercially successful artist. While works definitely poised to impress viewer, there is something wrong  in that impression. There is way too much glitter on canvas. While compositions is full of small elements they create some sort of Read More →

Gagosian Gallery: The Show is Over

Gagosian Gallery, London showed “The Show is over”, its 4th exhibition on abstract art series on October 15 to November 30, 2013 at Britannia Street gallery. The previous shows were presented in 2005 (title: Imageless Icons: Abstract Thoughts), 2010 (title: Crash) and 2011 (title: Malevich and the American Legacy), where themes of contemporary art history was traced from the beginning of Modernism. The curator of the show is Mr. Mark Francis is a writer and Read More →

Matthew Day Jackson at Hauser & Wirth: “Something ancient, something new, something stolen, something blue”

Hauser & Wirth, New York recently (6 September to 19 October 2013) presented a ‘supersized show’ titled “Something ancient, something new, something stolen, something blue” major new works of multimedia artist Matthew Day Jackson in its Chelsea galleries of downtown venue at 115 West 18th street. In exhibition press release artist Matthew Day Jackson was called as “a modern American frontiersman”. Jackson works with several media such as sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, installation, digital photography, Read More →

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat was an American Artist. Jean was born on December 22, 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. Jean’s one of the main inspirations was his different cultural heritage. He has learned everything himself and became an artist. Jean started drawing at an early age by himself. He was a brighter child than his siblings in his family. Basquiat’s mother and his teacher had recognized his interest towards art and encouraged him. At the very Read More →

Piero Manzoni

Piero Manzoni was best known as an Italian artist. Born at Soncino in Italy in the year 1933, he started to paint at the age of seventeen. Piero enrolled himself at the Academia di Birera in Milan to study law but out of his interest he has switched to art and philosophy. Piero made portrait and traditional landscape paintings during his studies. In 1954 he was inspired by Fautrier, Burri and Fontana, he started experimenting Read More →

Richard Prince

Richard Prince is a painter and photographer. He was born in 1949 in Panama Canal Zone. He grew up in Massachusetts. Then he moved to New York in the year 1977. He worked for Time –life as a magazine clipping professional. Gradually he developed an interest in consumer imagery and advertising. He started creating his own works from various pop culture images that were taken from newspapers and magazines. Richard Prince was well known as Read More →